How and when is our nation going to develop and when are all these problems that we are facing ever going to be solved? Is the most frequent asked question and no one has ever had any direct response to it. Well the answer is here now, “When we have Critical Creative and Analytical Thinkers!”

You can think about how these Thinkers can be created or where they are going to come from, but the thinkers are the youths that we have now and they can be created through STEM. 

STEM stands for Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics, which represent the fields that are a key to our lives. The Science field in STEM help learners to Know the world better and the different things around them, Technology helps them to know how different things operates and how to use them, talking about engineering this can help promote creativity and putting their ideas into reality not only that but it can also help them to improve and learn different skills and the last field is Mathematics which basically involves calculations and these calculations are what we do in our daily routines and in everything that we do calculations are always necessary.

With STEM youths can develop different survival skills, hence, reducing the dependence on government employment. They can gain the problem solving ability by helping them analyse different situations and how they can solve them, which is what is needed now looking at all the problems that are being faced around the globe! STEM will make their ideas come to reality by helping them to make different models as keys to their solutions and not only that it will also make them know how to carry out different researches without waiting to be spoon-fed by the teachers hence, making them Critical Creative and Analytical thinkers.

Isn’t that amazing and isn’t that what we need? Why then are we wasting time when we have a key to help us to build a better future? For the youths of today are the leaders of tomorrow hence, let us implement STEM for a better life and a better future.


Fridah Mwenge aged 16, is a young activist from Chienge district of Luapula province, who has been passionate about Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) since childhood. She completed school last year at Musonda Girls Provincial STEM school, where she was an academic prefect and a president for the Junior engineers Technicians and Scientists(JETS) club. She has participated in numerous Science competitions among which are JETS competitions both at local, provincial and National level where she has earned different awards and certificates, she also attended the STEM girls conference which was held at Bonanza hotel in 2020 and she was awarded as the outstanding STEM pupil of the year 2022 by the Genius Education Zambia. She actively promotes and encourages many other youths especially girls in STEM to pursue their passion regardless of the circumstances, because she really believes that it's only through STEM that all problems can be solved.